BB11: Nov 23 - Priyank calls Shilpa and Arshi "Saand" (Bull) and Fat


Arguments between housemates continue on Day 3 of the courtroom drama that has been going on in the house for the luxury budget. Sapna and Arshi fight and demean each other. Shilpa called Sapna "Anpadh" illiterate.

Bandgi tells Puneesh that Sapana is not fit to be the judge. She even passes a personal comment by saying that Sapna is used to 'courts' so this should be peanuts for her. Hina takes Sapna in confidence for the task. Puneesh and Sapna have an argument. In the end, since Sapna and Bandgi are unable to decide who will win, Bigg Boss withdraws their luxury Budget once again.

Bandgi gets angry with Sapna and calls her stupid, Sapna too gets mad at Bandgi. Sapna says that she did all of this on purpose so that just like Bandgi, she too can make her team win. Hina says that Puneesh is the most ill-mannered contestant in the house.

Vikas complains to Hiten about Hina's senseless remarks on him, he says that Hina thinks that he finds reasons to get physical with her. Bandgi calls Luv and Priyank Sapna's pawn and the drama gets heated up. Hina - the drama queen cries and apologizes to her parents. She once again sings that same song of she being a girl and should not be treated like this.

Vikas, Hiten, and others have some fun at the dinner table.

Next day morning the housemates wake up to Kheech Meri photo. Discussions happen across the house about the next captaincy task. Hina says that she wants to slap each person in Vikas' team. She tries to brainwash her teammates to not take Akash's name despite he helping Hina and team with the luxury budget task. Akash tries to talk to everybody to vote for him for the next captaincy. Vikas, Shilpa, Hiten poke fun at him for the same.

Bigg Boss then announces the captaincy task and ask housemates to give five names for the same. He says that Sapna and Bandgi cannot participate as they couldn't reach a decision in the task.

This creates different drama in the house as the teams are divided with their views. Hina is upset that not many people have voted for her especially Akash as he had promised that if she votes for him, he will too. She thinks that despite being a strong performer in the luxury budget task housemates have acted biased towards her.

Priyank makes some derogatory comments on Shilpa and Arshi. He calls them "saand" and fat. He says that they are unable to run for even a few meters as they only eat and are overweight. Priyank is not just rude to the girls but also to Hiten who is the most respected and always gets lauded for his patience. He says that Hiten is a "Bimbo" and should get that tattooed on his forehead. Hina tries to be nice and for formality tells Priyank that he should not say such things on National Television and that people can see that she has played well.   

Finally, housemates name Hiten, Shilpa, Arshi, Vikas, and Akash for the captaincy task. Hiten reads out the captaincy task. There are five pluck cards in the gardener area, with the face of five contestants. Each time the gong goes, housemates will have to spray back plaint on the contest picture. In the end, the clearest picture will win the task.

At the first gong, Luv paints Vikas. He says it's his revenge on Vikas for nominating Hina in the "Dino Park" task. Priyank and Arshi again argue and Priyank says that a woman like her should not talk about being respectful. At the next gong, he goes and sprays on Arshi's picture. He writes he hates Arshi number of times.

Akash realizes the course of the wind is towards Hiten and persuades Shilpa and especially Puneesh to choose him over Hiten. Shilpa advises him to talk to Hiten about the same and looses  it. He thumps his foot on the ground and starts behaving erratic.

Shilpa tells Puneesh to be rational in his decision as Akash is too fickle headed to be a captain. Puneesh is caught between the devil and the deep sea. He is reluctant initially but then paint's Akash's picture and what happened next? Well hell broke loose.

Where will this drama lead tomorrow? Who will be the captain of the house? And who will be the villain and enter Kaalkothari? Well let's tune in for some action packed episode tomorrow.