BB 11: Nov 22 - Arshi and Hina get into a shouting match, Priyank plays dirty


The morning in the house began with the BreakUp song and living to the expectations everything today in the house broke, not literally, Duh!

So as the contestants woke up looks like the Shilpa trio was in a mood to make up. Arshi and Akash hug Shilpa tightly. Hina was at her best, which is gossiping, she was heard telling Priyank about the comments that Puneesh made on Sapna's show. Sapna soon joined the conversation and Hina revealed all that Puneesh said about Sapna's profession. The same Puneesh that Sapna once called brother today called him a dog. Talk about the longevity of relationships in the house!

As we talk of relationships, surprisingly the lover birds too had a fight, as Bandgi was trying to tell her beau that Hina is a smart cookie who tries to extract things out of him and he gets carried sways splutters out. Puneesh gets angry and tells Bandgi that he has no sense to talk and that she should stop lecturing him. Guess who must have celebrated watching this, Dennis Nagpal, obviously.

Then it was time for the luxury budget task. Sapna and Bandgi became judges and the others were family members. Basically, there is a couple in the family, Hiten, and Arshi, who are headed for divorce. Puneesh and Vikas are Arshi brothers, and Vikas is also Arshi's lawyer. Shilpa is Arshi's mom. Hiten's family consists of a Luv, Akash, and Priyank who are his brothers. Hina is not only Hiten's sister but also his lawyer. The court had sessions throughout the day.

As Arshi's team design the game plan, Vikas Gupta turns architect for the game and trains Arshi to defend herself against Hiten and his family's allegation. The sessions begin with Vikas putting allegations against Luv and Priyanka. Hina alleged Arshi of adultery. The game got dirtier when Priaynk comes in the witness box and says that Arshi flirted with him and said that things which were not normal for he is his brother- in- law.

Vikas objects to Priyank's allegations and tells him that he is not insulting a woman in public. Akash sheds crocodile tears for his brother Hiten. The drama heats up and Sapna yells at everyone to keep quiet. Priyank continues the allegations and mentions about Arshi's sensual dance she did around him. Vikas defends that she did not force him. Sapna object's his claim and says that he is wrong.

Priyank continues to showers insults on Arshi by swearing that Arshi spoke about testing clothes. Hina tries to back him by saying that she got into the pool without her husband Hiten. Vikas calls Hina's thinking regressive and anti-women. Sapna and Bandgi discuss the allegations and declare Vikas the winner as Hina was unable to prove anything.

Hina Khan who is a believer in the sour grapes theory, says that Bandgi's decision was influenced because of her personal problem with Priyank. She tries to read the docket to find some loophole in the task. Vikas gets Shilpa geared up for round 2 and Shilpa says that she will take the chill route in the way of handling things. Hina too advises the same route to her team. Shilpa shouts at Arshi that she trying to help her out.

In round two Hia makes an allegation that Arshi's mother Shilpa troubles Akash. Vikas called Hiten in the witness box and proves that Arshi did not fool Hiten, he was aware of Arshi's antics before marriage. Vikas then moves to Akash and says that he is the actual reason why Arshi and Hiten are getting divorced today as he made Arshi cry all night. Judge Sapna comes down in Akash's defense that she has never seen Akash misbehaving with them and hence the allegations are false. Sapna mocked Vikas and says that he is like god and hence can never be wrong.

Luv then enters the witness box and what he said later, made Arshi lose her cool. So, Luv said that Arshi spanks him. A livid Arshi spares no one and brings the skeleton out of the closet by again bringing up the topic of Priyank's sexual orientation.

Priaynk gets really angry for digging the past and says that she has done this repeatedly. Arshi says that when Sabyasachi was in the house she has heard both Hina and him talking dirty about. She also claims that she has heard  Hina and Priyank also talking Vulgar. Bandgi and Sapna declare Hiten's family the winner of the round.

Bandgi requests everyone to not take this personally.

The task continues tomorrow and Arshi and Priyank continue to be at loggerheads with each other. How much more dirty linen will be washed on the show, I shall tell you tomorrow.