Bigg Boss 11: Nov 12th - Sabyasachi's out, now who will be the next captain of the house?


In the Weekend Special, Salman Khan greeted the audience in his signature swag, giving a preview of what would the show be all about. He was soon joined by Tumhari Sullu aka Vidya Balan on the stage. After a fun chat Vidya enters the house to display her RJ'ing skills.

Vidya was joined by Vikas and Shilpa in the studio and they played a fun game with the housemates. But we all know the flaring temperaments in the house and where can a little edgy fun lead to.

So the game began with Vikas asking Puneesh if he really loves Bandgi and he obviously says yes. Bandgi was also asked the same and she shouts a big yes to proclaim her love to Puneesh. Vidya dedicates, "Koi nahi Karke mein" for the love birds.

Shilpa then made a comment that Hina takes a lot of time for makeup and Vidya asks her if she is the same way calculative in real life too? Hina says that actors do take time and maybe Shilpa has forgotten about it. Wonder if Hina took a dig at Shilpa being out of work.

Vidya also questioned Hina of always being class into her arguments and Hina being Hina loses her cool and Vidya looked clueless. She dedicated the song "Lucky Boy" for her.

Vikas and Shilpa then had a little fun with Arshi and Hiten. Vikas asked Hiten when will he officially propose to Arshi and Hiten said that Arshi is like sister to him. When Shilpa asked Arshi when she plans to stop making a try on Hiten, Arshi replied never as she she genuinely loves him and will never let him go. Gauri, I hope you are listening.

Sapna is questioned on being pretentious and Shilpa made a mean comment on her saying that she should go home as she is barely been seen. Vidya dedicated "Naagin" song to for Shilpa and Arshi.

Vikas is then asked to choose between Arshi - Hina and Arshi - Priyank. Vikas choose Arshi over Hina and Priyank. Vikas said that Priyank means a lot to him and that Arshi is best friend. How far will this friendship go?

Shilpa is asked why she is so supportive of Akash, to which Shilpa replies that he is genuinely a nice hearted person. Vidya dedicated the song "Mujhe mere haal pe chor do" and bid adieu to the housemates and joined Salman on the stage. Salman and Vidya had a lot of fun on the stage with kids who came to promote "Rising Star" as they played "Bum Charades" a funnier version of "Dum Cherades". Vidya then left the show.

Salman then showed a sneak peek into the house of what happened after Vidya left. Hina and Sapna discussed the game and the question and sounded upset with the questions.

Sapna and Vikas got into an argument and Sapna called him "Gupti" who is always planning. Vikas kept his calm and told Sapna that he does not fight; precisely he does not needs a fight to survive.

Salman congratulated Sabyasachi on being the new captain. Salman then announced that, this week there will be not one but two evictions. Salman then praised Akash.

Salman then questioned Priaynk and Hina's behavior during the captaincy task. Hina was unnecessarily behaving suspicious whereas as Priyank was behaving plain weird.

Hina & Priaynk try to defend their act but Salman gave them piece of their mind. Salman also questioned Sapna on her rude behavior with Vikas.

Salman then asked Mehjabeen to come out of the house. He joked that the anaconda was bitten by a snake. Mehjabeen apologised to everyone and hugs out all her differences with Hina and others. Surprisingly Arshi bids her a teary farewell.

Salman then announced Sultani Akhada and surprisingly this time two best friends are pitted against each other, Priyank and Vikas. Salman announced who ever will change and come first will get one point. Salman then joked about Priyank's tight shirt. Looks like Priyank's friendship with Ben has come to bit him in the back as housemates choose Vikas over Priyank.

Vikas won the task and Priyank said that he did not apply much strength because of Vikas' hand injury.

Then came the caller of the week, he questioned Priaynk on his double standards. The caller said that while on one hand Priyank tries portray himself as pro women and on the other hand becomes party of Hina cracking jokes on Bandgi and Puneesh. Priyank obviously failed to justify. The caller also questioned Puneesh's attitude towards responsibility during the luxury budget task. Puneesh accepted his mistake and assures to be more responsible.

Just when the housemates were breathing a sigh of relief over eviction Salman shocked them by saying one more person will be evicted today. He created the suspense by announcing Ben's name and pulling her leg. Finally he asked Sabyasachi to come out. Salman says that it was pleasure to know him.

The housemates get emotional as they bid him good bye. Hina breaks down and says no more fight please; Sapna is inconsolable and same with Bandgi and others. Had Sabya not gotten nominated this week, he would have stayed for another two more weeks, as this week he was safe from nominations as he was the captain. Plus it's a big disappointment for Hina, Sapna and all his other supporters who had faith in him as a captain, as now either Bandgi and Aakash fight for captaincy or Bigg Boss announces another twist. We shall know that on Monday.

Also Luv will soon have to find some more support as run for his reel life family members has ended in the house.

Shilpa was very sad over Sabyasachi's eviction and sat under the dining table and sobbed. Vikas found her and consoled her. He even apologised for rubbing her on the wrong side and said that he is ready to start on a fresh page. Shilpa too got emotional and said sorry and promised to remain sane to Vikas. Now how long will Shilpa and Vikas keep their promise, is something only time can tell.

The precap showed Aakash accusing Vikas and Shilpa of entering the house with a hate agenda and passing the vibes. Does this mean that Akash loses his only support in the house? How will Shilpa react to his mean comments? Will Shilpa still believe that Akash is genuine and clean hearted? Well let's see what happens today.