Sshivani Durga’s Bigg Boss 11 journey ends this weekend


To all those who are missing crackers this Diwali tune into Bigg Boss. There might be a pollution free, cracker free Diwali outside the Bigg Boss house but inside the fireworks and pollution between Sapna and Arshi will continue, as Sapna is safe this week. Yes, it’s time for all Sapna fans to rejoice as she stays back and we are definitely waiting for Arshi to rub her on the wrong side. Oh, by the way, she looked gorgeous in the black Saree she wore.

Well, this week it’s not just Sapna but the recent enemies in the house too are keeping the controversial spirit of Bigg Boss alive. No points for guessing as I am talking about old friends and now foe Arshi and Shilpa.

Taking of the two cats in a fight Salman asked them to step into “Sultan Ka Akhada” and the two were pitted against each other in three rounds. In the first round, both Arshi and Shilpa were asked to prove why they deserve to stay. The other members of the house were given a whistle which they will blow when they agree to the point made by either of them. The housemates chose Shilpa over Arshi in round one and the other two rounds included a physical fight and Arshi won hands down.

In today’s episode, Ravi Dubey and Rithvik Dhanjani entered the house to do some shopping from the housemates. The housemates were allowed to buy a few things for themselves with the money they earned. Well the task was quite funny as Lucinda was the refrigerator that Akash sold, Hiten was the Rasgulla and Shilpa was the jalebi that Arshi sold, Vikas was the Dhol that Hina sold and Sapna sold Puneesh as a sofa. Not to mention that all these items were used as a metaphor and the salesman in the house did not mince their words while convincing Ritvhik and Ravi to buy their products.

Rithivik and Ravi later came on the stage and performed a gig where Ravi was the news anchor and Rithvik enacted all the contestants they were taking a dig at. They no doubt had the audience in splits but the one they pulled on Hiten Tejwani of what he is doing in the house was the mother of all sarcasm.

After their exit, Bigg Boss’ wife came and continued the lighter moments of the show by poking fun at the housemates. She was dressed in a nightgown and poked fun at Arshi.

Inside the house, Hina was seen getting emotional and Vikas went up to her to talk and he also requested her to bury the past. He told Hina that he felt bad about Hina and Hiten making fun of him behind his back. Despite this, it will be difficult to say where they are going as they have still not hugged it out.

Salman then interacted with the housemates through Me-TV and the housemates were engaged in a game where they had to identify the person who made the following statements behind their back. Once they had identified they were supposed to fog people. The game was quite interesting as these were things that were said behind the back. While Shilpa got both incorrect, Arshi fogging Hina was wrong. Vikas fogged Puneesh over the comment that he is not working in the house but later realized that it was a pun that Salman used on him to convey him how he was being perceived outside the house. Salman even warned Puneesh about his reputation and picked up on the incident when he was pitched opposite Vikas for the captaincy.

Salman was then seen giving the Padosi a piece of his mind. After Vikas had busted them Salman told the padosis about their failure in keeping their secret. He even pointed at the lost opportunity. Apparently the longer the pdosis could have managed to keep their secret of being a family they would have been out of eviction for that long. Salman informed them about losing this immunity.

Finally, from Jyoti, Sapna and Sshivani Durga, he asked Sshivani to pack her bags. Sapna broke down on listening to this news. Sshivani bid adieu to housemates and Salman.

What happened post that cake as a big shock. Arshi was seen shocked over a statement where Sabhyasachi called Arshi a transgender. Arshi was heard telling Vikas that she comes from a conservative background and her family will be very upset watching this. Looks like she finally realized that families do watch this show. However her realization was very short lived as she was seen flirting with Hiten, even when Hiten kept requesting her to stay at an arm's length from him. On Sabhyachi’s part, talks about being double standards because he is the same person to give a speech on “My Choice” whole entering the house.

The nominations happen tomorrow and as shown in the precap this week will be tough on the padosis as the housemates have to nominate one from them.