Vogue Woman of the Year Awards 2019: Can’t hear the Naysayers! Suited up Anushka Sharma goes ‘bold’n’bossy’ in a Gucci creation


The Vogue Woman of the Year Awards witnessed the best of Bollywood brigade and all the fashionistas’ out there would surely vouch for this fact. Setting us ablaze with her bold and macho looks, Anushka Sharma turned heads and how!

Styled by Allia Al Rufai, Anushka gave the young lads a good run for their money dressed head to toe in Gucci. The three-piece plaid pantsuit paired with a chirp white shirt and navy blue tie was enough to give the young girls a good run for their money. Oh boy, she stomped on our heats with those chic boots!

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Although we loved everything about her suit-boot look, it was the gold ear cuffs that stole the show for us. Dayum, girl!

To match up to her attire, Nushki opted for a subtle glam and a centre-parted beach wave hairdo.

Too hot to handle!