GAGA over the edginess! Lady Gaga's all-leather look is guaranteed to make you stop'n'stare for days


Lady Gaga knows how to make a lasting appearance. From her red carpet looks to her everyday chic looks, the stunner has never failed to leave us fazed with all the sartorial drama she has to offer. 

This time, the diva stepped out wearing an all leather ensemble starring a crop-top and a uber-tight skirt and we're melting as we gape at her reflection. 



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Styled by Tom Eerebout, Gaga wore Akà Prodiàshvili ensembles for her OOTD. The all-leather chic look was apired with a chunky belt, gloves and a stunning handbag. 



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Red lips, top-knot and the bold frames just add to the glam. Uff, staph we can't!

So iconic! What are your thoughts?