Big players eyeing TVF's Sapne Vs Everyone sequel after success of first season

Calling TVF the driving force of the new digital content era won't be wrong. Every content coming from the house of TVF enjoys tremendous love from the masses not just in the domestic market but all across the world. Specifically, the young India are the audience who are immensely impressed and moved with their content. While TVF has been a pioneering player in delivering some of the most loved shows to the audience, their recently released show 'Sapne Vs Everyone' is currently creating examples of its success, and the evidence of the same can be witnessed as other big OTT players are reaching to TVF for the next season of the show. The show is enjoying a phenomenal run and has garnered 11 million + views on YouTube. 

As per the sources, "Looking at the tremendous response 'Sapne Vs Everyone' is garnering from across the world, Many big players of the OTT world are approaching TVF to grab the deal for the second season of the show. In no time the show has become a hot property in the OTT world with many big players now eyeing on the second season to release on their platform."

Sapne Vs Everyone was released on December 8, 2023, and is trending all across the world. The show enjoys a phenomenal rating of 9.5/10 on IMDb. Remarkably, while TVF was already leading the path in IMDb's global list of top 250 TV shows, their new outing 'Sapne Vs Everyone'  has also made its place in this list. While TVF had 6 shows on the list, now with Sapne Vs Everyone, they made the 7th show feature in the list.