Netflix redefines being ‘Rad’ with ‘Omnipresent’ featuring Radhika Apte


Everyone who has been on the internet in the past few days is aware of the one thing that has been taking over the World Wide Web single-handedly – Radhika Apte! If you thought that people sitting behind the screens were bringing out the best creativity that’s possible. Let us take you through the bigger and better bosses who have stepped in to level up the game. They will redefine the dynamics of trolls, memes and being 'rad' altogether!

In almost two years since Netflix launched in India, it has given the best shows and films. Though, what caught everyone’s attention is the presence of Radhika in three out of its four hit projects – Lust Stories, Scared Games and Ghoul (fourth being Love Per Square Feet). Netizens shared their emotions about this constant collaboration and maintained humour levels on the internet. Check it out:

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While most people believe in ignoring trolls, Netflix took a step ahead and gave a crisp answer to its trolls. They released a poster and a video to talk about their ‘upcoming project’ called 'Omnipresence' addressing it as Radhika Apte’s Magnum-Opus. The video shows Radhika as the ultimate actor and director. It also features filmmaker Vikramaditya Motwane, who talks about why they desperately need her in every project.

At the end of the video, Netflix’s logo changes to ‘Rad-Flix’ and maintains this ‘radness’ throughout its comments sections. We handpicked a few. Check them out here:

People may say what they have to, but the rad truth is that... Radhika Apt-hai!