Karan Wahi has a question, ‘Have You met You’. Find your answer


The television actor better known for his reality show hosting skills, Karan Wahi, has taken a step away from the television and stepped into the digital platform. Karan has released his short film ‘Have you met you’ yesterday on YouTube. The short film also stars Sehban Azim who is also a television actor known for his roles in soaps in Dill Mill Gaye, Ek hazaro mein meri Behena, Humsafars.  


The film has an interesting take on perception, reality and self-discovery. In the film, Karan happens to wake up hastily and realizes he’s late for work. Then what follows is a constant series of events that add to his inconvenience. His trimmer runs out of charge, the milk carton turns empty and the stove just doesn’t turn out. Hungry and agitated he walks off to his car. Overcoming some initial struggle with the car, he goes on when his girlfriend’s call disturbs him further. The next is an exhausting day at work. What happens next is something that changes the course of his day and possibly his life. You must wait for the twist at the end. It is unpredictable and fascinating.

Karan has written the story and dialogues for the film. But that is not it; he has even directed the short film. He has even decided to share the film at/in festivals. When asked about the experience he said, “The basic idea of making this film was that even if one person is touched by the thought in the film, then my job as a storyteller is done. My idea may or may not have looked like what I had originally written. Whether it’s a success or a failure, I wanted to take the onus of it completely. I hope many people see it.” to a leading daily.

Check out the short film here: