Ekta Kapoor to remake a Pakistani serial Tere Bin in Hindi? Check your Facts

The rumors were spread such that Ekta Kapoor was supposed to make the remake of Pakistani show Tere Bin. Amidst the rumors fans were a bit excited because this show had won the hearts of Pakistani audiences. The makers of the show clarified on Instagram that Ekta Kapoor planning to remake the Pakistani TV show Tere Bin in Hindi in India. Ever since the news came out, fans started getting anxious to know who would be seen playing the lead roles in the show. It is been also said that Ekta Kapoor has not taken any consent or permission from them.

The makers said, “We wish to clarify that no consent or permission has been sought from the producers or the channel regarding this matter. While we appreciate the inspiration that Tere Bin has provided to audiences and producers globally, we emphasize the importance of any remake or adaptation being conducted with due regard to legal, ethical, and moral considerations.


We hold deep respect for our fellow producers and request that this fundamental professional courtesy should be upheld.”

Let us inform you that Ekta Kapoor has not yet confirmed reports of her making Tere Bin in Hindi.