Mystery decoded! Rajinikanth teaches Bear Grylls his signature style of wearing sunglasses but the latter accepts defeat in getting a hang of it; watch


Recently, Rajinikanth shot for an episode with Bear Grylls on his popular show Man vs Wild. The episode premiered tonight as it was highly anticipated. However, a video has gone viral where the superstar is seen teaching Grylls his iconic way of wearing sunglasses. In the video, we get to see Rajinikanth patiently teaching Grylls his way of wearing the shades and the latter is trying his level best to mimic the superstar. However, all in vain as we’re sure Grylls must have thought surviving in the wild is easier than acing Rajinikanth’s signature style.

Finally, in the video Grylls gives up and conceded defeat saying, “That is why you are the movie star.” Rajinikanth’s signature style is truly unique and well-loved by his fans. For decades, he has been making us go wild with his style of wearing the glasses, and now it looks like we finally can practice at home and ace it too. However, since Grylls couldn’t master it we’re sure it will take us a million number of tries to finally get the hang of it.

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The episode of Rajinikanth in Man Vs Wild's Into The Wild was broadcasted on Discovery channel’s streaming app, Discovery Plus. It was the first episode on the app. The episode’s Behind The Scenes will also be aired on the app.

(Source: Twitter)