Ishqbaaz update September 5: Anika asks Gauri-Priyanka to stop trying to get her and Shivaay closer


The latest episode of Ishqbaaz begins with Shivaay asking Anika to sleep on the bed while he sleeps on the sofa. In the CCTV room at night, someone throws water on the cameras.
Next morning, Gauri and Priyanka are disheartened as their plan failed to work. Anika tells them how they shouldn't try to bring Shivaay closer to her.
Khanna informs Shivaay about the damage caused to CCTV. Shivaay asks him to get it repaired. While having breakfast, he is shocked to read that Taj has walked out of the magic show. Taj tells Shivaay that the sponsor misbehaved with Nancy. Anika tries to perform magic tricks. Shivaay tells her it is only Taj who can do it.
As Shivaay is about to leave, he is stopped by Nancy. She asks him to do a magic trick with her. Shivaay and Nancy get behind a curtain. But the trick fails and the two roll down the floor. Anika comes there and Shivaay tells her it was the trick that failed. Suddenly Gauri slips on the floor due to oil on it. Shivaay and Anika come to help her.
Shivaay asks Khanna to get the floor cleaned. He asks Anika to sleep with Gauri as she is hurt. Anika is pleased to see Shivaay's concern for Gauri.