Ishqbaaz update September 3: Shivaay's friend Taj comes to the Oberoi mansion


The episode of Ishqbaaz begins with Anika waking up and not finding Shivaay in the room. She goes outside and sees him in the kitchen. Shivaay then tells Anika that his magician friend Taj is arriving and he woke up to prepare all the organic dishes that his friend loves. He asks Anika not to touch anything.
Anika learns more about Taj from Shivaay. Later, Shivaay goes to pick Taj. Due to bad weather, Shivaay's officials suggest him to ask Taj not to land his chopper. Shivaay fails to convey the message to him, and the chopper catches fire. This makes Shivaay teary-eyed. He is relieved to see his friend along with his wife Nancy, safe and sound.
Shivaay receives them and they head back home. Priyanka tells Anika that Taj had once saved Shivaay's life. Anika decides to welcome him nicely. Taj and Nancy are introduced to all the members of the Oberoi family. Anika waits for Taj to perform some magic tricks. Taj shows her some magic tricks.