'Debut' Review: Kartik Shetty's short film aptly addresses the vital issue of an aspiring actor's suicidal tendency and exploitation


Short Film: Debut

Cast: Rehan Sharma and Kartavya A Sharma

Director: Kartik Shetty 

Rating: 3.5 Moons

One suicide is attempted every 3 seconds in India. India's National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has published yearly reports on suicides that show an increased suicide rate per 100,000 of the total population. Filmmaker Kartik Shetty's short film Debut is an honest effort towards showcasing the reality of a person undergoing suicidal thoughts. Starring Rehan Sharma and Kartavya A Sharma, the short film is based on an aspiring actor and the harsh reality of the film industry. 

The 20-minute short film Debut begins with a depressed aspiring Model-Actor Amitaj (Rehan Sharma) about to commit suicide after tricking his budding filmmaker, best friend Krishna (Kartavya A Sharma) into filming it. Amitaj, who has been exploited in the film and modeling industry, wants the world to know his story and why he is about to take such a drastic decision. What happens next is a series of shocking and emotional events that take place between Amitraj and Krishna. Will Krishna be able to save Amitraj? Will his story go public? Well, for this you will have to watch the short film. 

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The short film focuses on creating awareness about the suicidal tendency in India and highlighting the importance of communication as most of the Indian families lack the key aspect especially when it comes to such cases. This film is a perfect attempt to awaken hidden stories like these and give these budding artists a ray of hope. Debut is a message to all those who feel like giving up because they are unable to make their big debut in the industry. 

Debut is a one location shoot. The cinematography, dialogues, sound design and the visual effects are blended in seamlessly in this short film. Rehan and Kartavya look impressive with their balanced acts. Full credit to director Kartik Shetty for taking a step forward and bringing Debut to light that deals with an important subject like suicide in the lives of actors whose dreams are lost in the limelight of the glamour world. 

In a country where depression and anxiety are the primary reasons for suicide, we need more stories like Debutand a voice for struggling artists - it's never the end of the road... 

PeepingMoon gives Debut 3.5 Moons