Actress Rita Moreno Wears The Same Oscar Dress She'd Worn In 1962


Rita Moreno, the 86-year-old star made quite an appearance at this year's Oscars. The stellar actress is one of the 12 people in entertainment history to have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony. Rita, who's won a series of awards throughout her career made her return to the Oscar red carpet in style. Yes, the multi-talented actress and performer strutted down this grandeur red carpet donning the exact same dress she was last spotted wearing at the Oscars, way back in 1962.

With recyling being the new trend of the season and royalty's like Kate Middelton abiding by it, time and again, we don't see any reason why this Rita couldn't do the same. Rita was earlier spotted in this gown, made in the Philippines, when she won the statue for best actress in supoorting rolde for 'West Side Story'.