Ekta Kapoor launches her two new shows Kawach Mahashivratri and Bepanah Pyaarr; Pearl V Puri-Ishita Dutta, Deepika-Namik Paul and starcast attend


COLORS has announced two new shows, Kawach Mahashivatri and Bepanah Pyaarr, for their viewers that has promised to redefine thriller as a genre. Produced by Balaji TeleFilms, Kawach Mahashivratri will air on May 25, every Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm and Bepanah Pyaarr will air from June 3, every Monday to Friday at 10 pm. 


Bepanah Pyaarr is a romantic thriller which is set to change the audience's notion of every known shade of love. The story starts when Raghbir, played Pearl V Puri, meets his dubious fate after the mysterious death of his soulmate Baani, essayed by Aparna Dixit. Kawach Mahashivratri will tread the path of the unknown and delve into the lives of Sandhya played by Deepika Singh, Angad played by Namik Paul and Kapil played by Vin Rana, who are caught in a complicated relationship due to torment invoked by supernatural forces. 


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Keeping up with the demands of viewers and bringing a revivifying story, Kawach Mahashivtra chronicles the life of Sandhya, a girl who believes in true love and finds her soulmate in Angad. However, in a turn of events, she realizes that she is on the brink of impending doom. An inauspicious hour, on the mystic Mahashivratri night, unleashes the supernatural forces onto Sandhya's life which wreaks havoc in her paradise and further complicates her relationship with Angad. 


Bepannah Pyarr is a tale of two lovers Raghbir and Baani, where Raghbir suffers a huge loss after the mysterious death of his soulmate. Known to be a happy-go-lucky guy, Raghbir turns opposite in nature after the tragic incident that changes him for the worse. Giving into his family's demand, Raghbir eventually agrees to re-marry and that's beginning of a mystery waiting to unfold. A decision that he takes for the betterment of his family, unfortunately, gets himself caught in a web of complicated relationships that will force him to counter it all.

Pearl V Puri and Aparna Dixit at the launch of COLORS' Bepanah Pyaarr


Both these shows will redefine the various shades of love and will take viewers on a whirlwind journey that will bring to light the mystique and mystery. Speaking about the shows, producer Ekta Kapoor of Balaji TeleFilms said, "With Kawach Mahashivratri and Bepanah Pyaar, we hope to introduce captivating concepts along with incredible star casts. Two fresh stories that will entice viewers and redefine mystery. Bepanah Pyarr focuses on expressions and the complications of one strong emotion, love. Kawach Mahashivratri is a supernatural thriller that will witness evil energies taking center stage while the goodness of love will be tested in all its glory. Both the shows will evoke a multitude of emotions amongst viewers - be it love, empathy, hatred, suspense or reverence. The show's scale and production quality further add to the authenticity of the concepts, thereby creating a belief system around the perpetuity of love. With intriguing storyline, extremely talented cast and great VFX team in place, Kawach Mahashivratri and Benapah Pyarr will both be a viewer's delight" 


Deepika Singh, who plays Sandhya in Kawach Mahashivratri exclaimed, "I will be seen playing the role of Sandhya, a loving and caring daughter. She is a rational person, who is god-fearing but has no faith in supernatural elements and superstitions until she has a tyrst with it herself. This is a very different genre from what I have done before. I'm grateful for this opportunity and I'm sure the show will grab the attention of our viewers from the first episode itself." 


Namik Paul, who plays Angad in Kawach Mahashivratri says, I will be seen essaying the role of Angad, pure at heart, he is never shy of expressing himself. He never bows down to anything wrong but stands by the people he cares for. As a story of love and mystery, Kawach Mahashivratri will take viewers on a thrilling journey. How Angad and Sandhya fight through all odds, for their love forms the crux of this story." Pearl V Puri, as Raghbir in Bepanah Pyaarr said, “I’m thrilled to be a part of a refreshing story like Bepanah Pyaarr. It is a quintessential love story but with a twist. I will be seen as Raghbir, who has gone into a shell because of the mysterious death of his wife Baani. Adding various shades to my character is a challenge I’m hoping to overcome.”

Vin Rana, Deepika Singh and Namik Paul at the launch of COLORS' Bepanah Pyaarr and Kawach Mahashivratri

Ishita Dutta, as Pragati in Bepanah Pyaarr stated, “While playing a bubbly girl-next-door appeals to every young actor, I feel lucky to have landed a challenging role such as Pragati. She has two sides to her, one for the world to see and one which she will never reveal.  I am looking forward to this new journey and I hope to live up to the expectations of our viewers. In Kawach Mahashivratri, as a fierce tussle ushers good and evil in Sandhya’s life, that uses her dreams and ambitions to manipulate her. Will she be able to battle the realms of the bone-chilling incidents and become the ‘kawach’ to protect her loved ones from the unknown?

Aparna Dixit, Ishita Dutta and Devika Singh at the  launch of COLORS' Bepanah Pyaarr and Kawach Mahashivratri 

Fans are excited to see where the shows take these characters ahead.