When I got off the phone, I just sat there rather stunned: Cillian Murphy on getting a call from Christopher Nolan for Oppenheimer

Director Christopher Nolan is known for his charismatic filmmaking and unique storytelling. Creating masterpieces time and yet again, Nolan has proved himself to be one of the best storytellers in the world. Fans are excited that the phenomenal director is coming back with another movie after 3 years. Blowing the viewers' minds and exploring his talent in the genre of feature biopic, Christopher is back with a story about the creation of the first atomic bomb by Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer. Playing the lead role in a Nolan movie is a dream for many talented artists, one such actor among them is Cillian Murphy, who is renowned for getting into the skin of the character and blowing people’s minds with his skills. Murphy opened up about the first call he got from the director to know that he will play the role of Oppenheimer and shared his feeling of excitement and gratitude.

"Phone call from Christopher Nolan for Oppenheimer was unforgettable. It’s 20 years since I first met Chris, but even at that point, I was a fan, because I had seen Memento and Insomnia,” said Murphy, whose first encounter with Nolan was auditioning for Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins, a part which ultimately went to Christian Bale.

He further added, “To get to meet Chris for that movie—which, personally, I always thought was an absurd idea; me playing Batman! —was huge for me. But that meeting led to the character of Scarecrow, and an extraordinary working experience. My feeling ever since has been, if Christopher Nolan asks you to do something, no matter what the size of the part, you just turn up. I was not expecting him to call and ask me to play Oppenheimer. But he did. When I got off the phone, I just sat there rather stunned. I felt very lucky. And then we got to work.”

Produced by Universal Pictures (distributed by Warner Bros. Discovery), Oppenheimer will release on July 21 across theatres in India and advance booking across IMAX theatres in India has already successfully opened.