Lady Gaga’s new track ‘911’ music video talks about anti-psychotic medication and mental health with a shocking twist


Lady Gaga has done it again, surprised all of us by dropping a colourful and enchanting video-cum-short film for the Chromatica track 911 but with a shocking twist at the end. The video has been directed by Tarsem Singh Dhandwar, best known for winning the video of the year award at MTV Video Music Awards for R.E.M’s Losing My Religion.

911 is a stunning visual spectacle which opens with a masked Gaga laying in the middle of a desert with pomegranates strewn around her and follows a mysterious figure in black on a horse to a neighbouring village. The video shows several interesting characters in colourful robes and doing some questionable activities-like slamming their head on to a pillow, holding a mummified figure etc. The video has Gaga in several daringly fashionable dresses with lyrics that hint at antipsychotic medication and dialling 911 for emergency.

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Later in the video, Gaga is flown like a kite but when she is brought down to the ground the story takes a turn, as she is strapped to a board and taken indoors to be murdered. However, when she is finally stabbed, the scene shifts to the modern era where she wakes up at the scene of a car crash which will make you dial 911. Paramedics are trying to save her life as she hyperventilates. We see all the aforementioned people in various stages of the car crash, including the woman cradling a man and crying over his body, and the man stabbing her turning out to be the medic trying to save Gaga’s life. Eventually, the video makes you realize along with the deep lyrics that it is all in the mind. Lady Gaga’s mind to be exact!

Watch the song 911 here:

(Source: YouTube)