Whoa! Lilly Singh announces her show ‘A Little Late With Lilly Singh’ will be aired in India too!


Lilly Singh’s late night talk show on NBC A Little Late With Lilly Singh has been well received and reaping accolades for breaking the glass ceiling and the barriers. In the first episode itself she announced, “I just want to be myself,” and she has unabashedly been that- brown, bold and very, very desi. The popular YouTuber is extremely popular in India and people were unhappy with the fact that they would not be able to catch her show. However, all that is soon going to change in the near future.

Lilly shared the news that her Indian audience will be able to watch her show on Star World India from September 21 at 8 pm. She announced this exciting piece of news on her social media. Sharing a couple of pictures she wrote, “INDIA, WHAT’S GOOD?! I’ll tell you what’s good. Since day one of @latewithlilly I emphasized the importance of my show being available in the mother land. And I’m happy to announce that starting September 21 at 8pm #LateWithLilly will be airing on @StarWorldIndia. Thank you for your continuous support. I appreciate you so so much. And now... we work on the rest of the world. Where do you want to see my show next?! Comment below. #HornOkayPlease.”

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Now, isn’t that one of the best news that you’ve read today? The wait for the show to air on our TV sets is palpable and we certainly can’t keep calm. The Canadian born-Indian celeb has won hearts with her YouTube videos and are now all set to storm into your living room too.

Lilly kickstarted the show with Mindy Kaling as the first guest and the episode was extremely interesting and entertaining. Both the women patted each other on the back for being pioneers in the TV industry and breaking stereotypes.

(Source: Instagram)