Kingsman prequel: From the title to it's release date, here is all we know about the upcoming


The Kingsman prequel coming next year has a new name. Previously known as Kingsman: The Great Game, the film is now titled The King’s Man, and is set for a February 14, 2020 release. The film is again being directed and co-written by Mathew Vaughn and will take a look at the origins of Kingsman, the very first independent intelligence agency.

The plot is still advertised as “a collection of history’s worst tyrants and criminal masterminds gather to plot a war to wipe out millions, one man must race against time to stop them,” but there’s no mention of the new cast confirmed to include Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Gemma Arteton and Ralph Fiennes. 

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This new Kingsman is now also being billed as a co-production between 20th Century Fox and The Walt Disney Studios after the recent Dinsney/Fox acquisition. 

Mathew has promised there is more to come too with the present day Kingsman, which launched the career of Taron Egerton,  saying he is planning another sequel that will conclude the Harry-Hart-Eggsy relationship. The first Kingsman film hinted at the origins of the spy agency, with it revealed that wealthy Britains who had lost their heirs in World War I donated their wealth to form the Kingsman. The director has said he plans on making a followup to his first two films to complete a trilogy.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)