'Alexa play The Rains of Castamere' - Check out the most OMG 'Game Of Thrones' Twitter reactions to the series Finale!


Game of Thrones' final episode screened on Monday morning and dedicated fans were ready to watch it first thing in the morning. For weeks now, social media has been filled with fans sharing their disappointment and criticism towards the series final season

With the decade long journey of the show been concluded, many fans were disappointed in the unfulfilled theories, expectations, character arcs and plots that they were hoping to see on the screen. While some viewers fans were ready to let go, others let loose. Even with the mixed reviews towards the final episode, Twitter was roaring with memes and tweets and reactions about everything that went down in Westeros. 


The final season. #GameofThrones

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Here are the best Twitter reactions and memes about Game of Thrones' finale. 

About major character deaths: 

The only thing most fans care about: 

The silver lining in the finale: 

On teamwork: 

On Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lannister's acting skills: 

And last but not the least, this hurtful reference: 

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