Here's why Robert Downey Jr did not want to say his last line as Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame


The spoiler ban has been lifted off Avengers: Endgame and the Russo brothers recently revealed that Robert Downey Jr did not want to say Iron Man's last words in the film Avengers: Endgame

In an interview, the Russos revealed that Robert Downey Jr did not want to say Tony Stark's famous last words in the film, 'I am Iron Man', and had to be convinced to return to shoot the final scene.

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Joe Russo said, "It’s an interesting story. I had dinner with (Robert Downey Jr.) like two weeks before we were supposed to shoot it. And he was like, I don’t know. I don’t really want to go back and get into that emotional state. It’ll take it’s hard.’ And crazily enough, Joel Silver, the producer, was at the dinner. He’s an old buddy of Robert’s. And Joel jumps in and he’s like, Robert, what are you talking about? That’s the greatest line I’ve ever heard! You gotta say this line! You have to do this!’ So thank God that Joel Silver was at dinner, because he helped us talk Robert into doing that line."

The Russos had earlier said that they were struggling with Iron Man's final words, and for a long time, the scene had ended with Tony not saying anything. Marvel editor Jeff Ford came up with the idea that Tony should say those words, as it was what he had said in the first Iron Man film.


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The Russos added, "Tony used to not say anything in that moment. And we were in the editing room going, He has to say something. This a character who has lived and died by quips.’ And we just couldn’t, we tried a million different last lines. Thanos was saying I am inevitable. And our editor Jeff Ford, who’s been with us all four movies and is an amazing storyteller, said Why don’t we just go full circle with it and say I am Iron Man.’ And we’re like, Get the cameras! Why don’t we just go full circle with it and say I am Iron Man.’ And we’re like, Get the cameras! We have to shoot this tomorrow!"

Robert had played Iron Man for eleven years, beginning with 2008 Iron Man. In Endgame, Tony Stark sacrifices himself to restore order to the universe and reverse the effects of Thanos's snap.