You will never guess what Kit Harington aka Jon Snow's favourite scene from Game of Thrones is!


Actor Kit Harington, who plays the role of Jon Snow in the hit fantasy show Game of Thrones, recently revealed his favourite scene that his actress-wife Rose Leslie did for the show happened to involve her tragically dying in his arms as a bloody battle continued around them.

Rose played a young wildling girl called Ygritte who got killed by a young Nothern boy in the show. Kit also added, "I liked her death. I know, it sounds bizarre. I thought she nailed that". Kit and Rose first sparked up relationship rumours in 2012 and after confirming their relationship in 2016, the pair got engaged in September 2017. 

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The actor shared, "it's the first time in Game of Thrones that slow motion was used. I think it's a beautiful, cradling moment as this battle is raging in the background. It was one of those incredible shots". 

Even though Rose only appeared in the show for two seasons, the couple got married in June 2018 with Game of Thrones cast in attendance. 

Kit can currently be seen in the last season of Game of Thrones, with a new episode premiering every Monday morning on Hotstar. 

Source: IANS