Aladdin's new trailer will make you relive the old folktale from your childhood


The trailer of Disney’s upcoming musical fantasy film Aladdin has been dropped and it has helped to revive the popular folktale in our memory. The film is the live-action fantasy of Disney’s old animated classic. Featuring Will Smith as the Genie, Mena Massoud as the titular lead Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine the film will take every 90s kid back to their childhood. Aladdin is directed by Guy Ritchie.

The trailer opens with the well-known short of Aladdin trying to evade the palace guards with his agility and suppleness and comes face-to-face with Princess Jasmine dressed in a common girl’s garb. The trailer shows all the principal characters including the mean and crafty Jafar played by Marwan Kezari who plays mind games with the street urchin and instigates him to steal the magic lamp for him from the enchanted cave.

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Will Smith plays the singing, dancing and funny Genie who is willing to give princely makeovers to Aladdin in three wishes or fewer. Although you can’t blame Smith for doing a swell job, you just can’t help remembering the enigma and charm of Robin Williams in the original animated film. There is something magical about an animation film that a live-action film can never emulate.

Mena is deft and agile and although he is not shirtless as the animated character he does do a good job of playing the lovable and righteous street urchin. However, it is Naomi who stands out like a sore thumb because she looks insipid and submissive in the trailer, something that the original Jasmine was far removed from. She looks prettier playing the common girl than her princess look.

Since music is an integral part of Aladdin, the trailer has snippets of popular and well-loved songs like Friend Like Me and A Whole New World complete with the magic carpet ride, and the elephant parade. Aladdin is scheduled to release on May 24.

Watch the trailer here: