Game Of Thrones 8 Teaser: It's Ice vs Fire for Targaryen Dragon, Stark Direwolf and Lannister Lion in 'the final season'


Game Of Thrones is the most famous and watched drama series of this planet and there's no denying in that. The show which started in 2011 is now coming up with its eighth and final season and fans cannot keep calm. GOT as lovingly called by fans is about several royal families desiring the Iron Throne to gain control of Westeros. Whilst kingdoms fight each other for power, a sinister force lurks beyond the Wall in the north. The show gained immense popularity by the end of its first season.

Today, the team of GOT released the official teaser of Season 8 and it is Ice vs Fire in the final season. In the 38-second-long teaser, we can see the camera moving over the painted table map of Westeros which of course has been seen in the previous seasons as well. The camera then pans over the ice which starts spreading on the ground covering the Targaryen Dragon, Stark Direwolf and then a sudden twist in the plot comes when fire enters the scenario covering the Lannister Lion.

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The teaser has something new to offer as it is ice vs fire in this one but it may come as a bad news for fans as there is no actual footage from the forthcoming season in the teaser and nor are there any human characters. No official date in April has been disclosed as of now but we are pretty much excited just like all GOT fans.