Priyanka Chopra has an entire day planned for BFF Meghan Markle when she visits India again


Priyanka Chopra’s engagement to American singer-actor Nick Jonas took the entire Bollywood industry and the nation by surprise. People couldn’t stop talking about their lovely pictures and the love that was portrayed in them for everyone to see. However, now that the engagement news has subsided the next big question is when will the wedding take place and will the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle who is best friends with Priyanka attend the wedding. However, this is all speculation, as the wedding date and the venue is still not decided but Meghan is likely to attend as Priyanka was one of the chosen few to be invited to the Royal Wedding on May 18, 2018, when the former wed Prince Harry.

In a recent media interaction, Priyanka said that Meghan and she continue to be close friends and text each other quite often. Priyanka said that her ‘long-distance’ friendship has not changed their bond even after Meghan’s marriage. However, in an interview with a travel portal, Priyanka revealed her favourite places to hang out in Mumbai and reiterated that people would be surprised to know how hip Mumbai is.

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When she was asked where she would like to take Meghan if she is in Mumbai for a girls’ day out, she said, “We would hire a rickshaw for the day-which, by the way, is a must if you are in Mumbai. Then we would go and get a massage and an Indian head massage. Then spend the whole evening being driven around in our rickshaw, eating at my favourite places, drinking, and partying.”

Meghan who is busy with her royal duties and appearances with husband Prince Harry had visited India in January 2017. It was a charity visit for World Vision Canada. She had spent time in Delhi to promote young women’s health and hygiene and worked and collaborated with many NGOs during her five-day visit. Priyanka and Meghan share a close bond of friendship. Priyanka had even written her testimonial when Meghan was listed in Times 100 Most Influential List. Well, a wedding in India or not, if Meghan comes to the country for a fun trip her BFF PeeCee has all her plans in place already.