Halloween 2018 Trailer: You won't be opening your closet door anymore after watching this


After much developmental problems, Blumhouse Productions finally has shown off the first trailer for the upcoming Halloween movie and it will surely make you scream. In it, Michael Myers essayed by Nick Castle, returns to his hometown, after 40 years, for one final encounter with Laurie Strode.

The trailer takes place 40 years after the original Halloween where Michael Myers is locked up in a penitentiary after causing a calamity in the fictional town of Haddonfield. The film is set to take the franchise back to the series’ roots where Jamie Lee Curtis reprise her role as Laurie Strode sans the sister-to-Michael-Myers part as seen in the trailer.

It begins with the crew of a true crime documentary meeting Michael Myers in a high-security institution. They introduce their purpose and who they are looking to speak with which sets both the mood and intent of the film quickly. The lead investigator pulls out the aged, William Shatner mask that has become the symbol of the slashing Shape.

Later in the trailer, Laurie’s granddaughter Allyson is seen walking through the neighbourhood streets with her friends while discussing the horrifying Halloween night when Michael Myers murdered several people, prompting one of Allyson’s friends to ask, “wasn’t it her brother who murdered all those babysitters?” Allyson then replies by saying, “No, that was not her brother. That’s something that people made up.”

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We are then treated to Jamie Lee Curtis herself in a range with a shotgun ready to pump Michael full of lead.

The trailer ends with a boy being put to bed by what looks as his babysitter. Before she tries to leave she attempts to close the closet, but is unable to as something is blocking the way. After the third try, she opens the door only to find Myers bringing down his knife upon her.

This will be the fifth Halloween featuring Curtis, who starred as Laurie Strode in the first two Halloween movies and returned for Halloween H20 in 1998 and Halloween: Resurrection in 2002. However, the revamped Halloween ignores its numerous sequels and reboots and will follow the roots of the original one.

The upcoming John Carpenter produced horror film will release in theatres everywhere on October 19, 2018 which also marks the 40th anniversary of this horror franchise.

Watch the trailer here: