Oscars 2018: Veterans older than the awards, first transgender presenter and other unique things


Veteran actress Gloria Stuart, at the age of 87 was the oldest actress to be nominated for the Best Supporting Actress. She was nominated for her role in the 1997 blockbuster Titanic.

If we thought that was the best we could do, this year the Oscars are full of sweet surprises. Many veterans of the industry have made their way through the nominations amongst many other youngster, per se.


Agnes Varda has is now the oldest Academy Award nominee in the history. She was nominated for her documentary Visage Villages. Speaking to a wire she said, “I am not sure I’ll make another film”. Though she will continue to do other work she is inclined to like exhibitions and installations. Seems like, its been a fulfilling journey. She was part and pioneer of New Wave of cinema in the fifties.

Another nomination was for the 89-year-old James Ivory for his screenplay for the romantic drama Call Me by Your Name. James Ivory now also becomes the oldest Oscar winner ever.

Legendary actor, Christopher Plummer who celebrated his nomination today for his role as Oil Tycoon in All the Money in the World is also 88-years-old. The actor replaces 58-year-old Kevin Spacey for this role following the sexual abuse allegations on him.

That is not all. As per the tradition, Casey Affleck who won the award for Best Actor last year will not present the award for Best Actress this year, following a sexual harassment row. Also, Daniel Vega is also the first transgender presenter at the event today.

Seems like enough of reasons why Oscars will be the big deal that they are.