Balenciaga launches world's most expensive 'Trash Bag' worth Rs. 1.5 Lakh; Heineken launches limited-edition sneakers with beer filled inside soles


Balenciaga and Heineken, two top-chart giants in their respective industries recently brought their own game to the fashion ballpark with hefty and loud releases.

Balenciaga launches world's most expensive 'Trash Bag' worth Rs. 1.5 Lakh

While the futuristic brand Balenciaga is known for its eccentric and extraordinary design concepts, it also loves controversy as the brand launched the 'Trash Pouch' which has been blowing up the internet ever since.

Balenciaga has had a history of outlandish launches with its 'fully destroyed sneakers' and 'crocs with heels' in the past, but creative director Demna Gvasalia's innovation 'Trash Pouch' definitely leads the chart.

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As limited as the name sounds, it is made out of calfskin leather and a glossy matte coating, and also comes in 4 colour combinations - Black, Yellow & Black, Blue & Black, and White & Red. 

Talking about the product, Demna told Women’s Wear Daily, “I couldn’t miss an opportunity to make the most expensive trash bag in the world, because who doesn’t love a fashion scandal?”

Heineken launches limited-edition sneakers with beer filled inside soles

Sneakers and unique collaborations go hand-in-hand. Remember Adidas and Star Wars? Well, Heineken has joined in on the wave with their latest innovative launch, 'Heinekicks', which is a lace-up kick featuring the trademark Heineken colours - Red, Green, and Silver. Additionally, each pair has a removable bottle opener for you-know-what - Beer!

The show's soles are filled with beer which gives the user a sense of smoothness in every step. Dramatically injected through a surgical injection, this concept is the very first in its manner. It's not every day that you get to walk on Beer.

Dominic Ciambrome, A.K.A 'The Shoe Surgeon', a prolific sneaker designer joined in with Heineken to design and execute this concept.  

Following the launch, Heineken tweeted out saying 'Beer for your sole'

'Designed in collaboration with noted shoe designer, Dominic Ciambrone, to celebrate the smoothness of Heineken® Silver. Heinekicks aren't your everyday shoe, but it’s not every day you get to walk on beer.'


The internet has reacted in multiple ways following the launch, some like the idea of it, while others are confused about the whole process. The rest only care about the beer.

(Source - Instagram / Twitter)