Stick to fashion: Calvin Klein draws ire for featuring a pregnant trans man for its Mother’s day campaign!


Fashion giant Calvin Klein has found itself in troubled waters. The brand’s latest campaign for Mother’s day drew a lot of ire on social media for promoting a ‘pregnant man.’ Yes, you read that right!

Highlighting the ‘realities of new families,’ CK featured the couple Erika Fernandes and a transgender Roberto Bete who were expecting a child anytime soon, only it was the man who was carrying a baby. Roberto, a Brazilian female-to-male transgender reality TV personality, was photographed posing alongside his wife, flaunting his bump, dressed in intimates from Calvin Klein. Check out the series of pictures below:


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However, this post did not seem to go down well with the netizens as they accused the brand of ‘virtue signaling.’ Many of the users called out the ‘woke’ campaign saying this has nothing to do with clothing and while others tweeted some transphobic comments and threatened to boycott the brand. Check out the tweets and comments below:








Authentic or virtue selling? what are your thoughts on this campaign?

(Source- Instagram, Twitter)