Ringing the 2022 Lunar New Year, Bottega Veneta takes over the Great Wall of China!


Be it going offline from social media platforms introducing innovative marketing reforms, the luxury house of Bottega Veneta has always aimed to do things differently. This time ringing in the Chinese Lunar New Year, the brand pulled off another creative stint, quite effortlessly.

With a motto of ‘Go Big or Go Home,’ the Italian luxury label took over a part of the Great Wall of China to celebrate their Chinese Lunar New Year. BV created a digital installation covering a part of one of the world’s wonders. The message, Happy New Year, written in Chinese teamed with the company’s logo were displayed on the installation in the brand’s signature green along with tangerine hue, which symbolizes good luck in Mandarin.  


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Not just this, the brand also pledged to make donations to support the renovation and maintenance of the “Shanhai Pass,” the starting point of the eastern end of the Great Wall. It is also known as the “First Pass under Heaven.”

This installation was a part of the Great Wall of China from January 6 to 12 and will go live later this month.

(Source- WWD, Hypebae)