‘Being a mother does NOT mean that you are now the target to everybody and anybody’s scrutiny,’ says influencer Diipa Buller-Khosla as she adds breast pumps to her Cannes outfit

Influencer Diipa Buller-Khosla walked the red carpet at Cannes 2021 for the third time. This time, however, it was extra special for her as she attended the film festival as a mother. The new mom (Diipa delivered just two and a half months ago) chose to make a statement about the power of motherhood with one of her Canner outfits that is receiving all the attention for the right reasons as she added breast pumps to her gown in an attempt to address the scrutiny and judgment a new as well as an experience mother undergoes constantly.

Sharing her OOTD, Diipa wrote a powerful post on Instagram that reads, “What does being a ‘mother’ truly mean? To me, being a mother means more than giving birth to a child. Being a mother means loving and knowing a soul before you can even see it. It’s being the dependent to someone you guide through life. Being a mother means taking responsibility for the one you’ve brought into this world, showering them with endless care and love throughout their life. What does being a ‘mother’ truly NOT mean? Being a mother does NOT mean that you are now the target to everybody and anybody’s scrutiny. How many times do we as mothers hear “ you’re doing this wrong!” or “how can you do this to your child?!” ? Whether it be opinions shared from family, friends, or strangers; the judgement is still unapologetic and burdensome on new or experienced mothers.”

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She further wrote, “There is no rule book to motherhood, it takes experience and learning to understand the ins and outs of what is appropriate for YOU as a mother and not anybody else. Being a new-mom holds enough self-judgement as there is constant worry if your actions are right. I chose to shed light on this topic due to the countless messages or comments from people who’ve questioned and judged my decisions as a mother - An issue I’m certain that most women endure on social media. Whether I choose to breastfeed my daughter or not, should not be the subject of anybody’s conversation. There are countless concerns that go into breastfeeding, it simply doesn’t work for all mothers, something that no mother should be judged for online or off. In response to the frequently asked question, I’ve decided on supplementing at this stage ( a combination of both breastfeeding and using a formula). Moreover, while I’m away for a two-day business trip, I prepared for my absence by breast-pumping multiple times prior to my departure. This is just a reminder that online personalities are human as well, where life and feelings lay behind a screen. I kindly ask that you withhold judgmental remarks regarding any mother who is on this beautiful journey of motherhood. As much as the concern is appreciated, it is a personal journey between mother and child and should be treated as such.”

The post has clocked more than 98,455 likes and hundreds of comments praising Diipa for her strong and powerful statement and the breast pumping picture.

(Source: Instagram)