Designer Swapnil Shinde 'officially' becomes Saisha Tulsidas Shinde, shares name change document on social media


Designer Saisha Shinde has made it legal! After sharing the news of her transition into a woman in January 2021, she has finally changed from her birth name to Saisha Shinde legally, a name that she aligns with her identity as a woman.

Saisha, previously known to the world as acclaimed designer Swapnil Shine, has been open about her struggles, difficulty, and finally, the inner peace she achieved, her entire journey from childhood to acceptance of her gender identity. Change of name in legal documents is an extremely important aspect for the trans community as it makes their identity firm in the eyes of the government. She excitedly shared the happy news on Instagram. 

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The designer's journey of Gender Dysphoria has had one of many rough tides. Assigned male at birth, Saisha was never comfortable with her birth-assigned gender. Despite getting clearance from her therapist a long time ago, it took her six years to take the final step. It was during the lockdown that she finally transitioned into a woman. The star designer revealed that the process for transitioning is "important and crucial." The process is divided into two parts, "one is of course your therapy sessions with a psychiatrist and other is with your endocrinologist and MD where they check your blood, your health history," said Saisha.

To celebrate this monumental change in her life, the designer launched a new page for her fashion label on Instagram in February. 

In an interview with a leading daily in January, Saisha accepted that, "Deep down I always knew who I was and that’s why it became easier" 

Congratulations Saisha! 

(Source - Instagram, Hindustan Times)