Kim Kardashian gets called out by fans for Hindu cultural appropriation after wearing a pair of Om earrings for a photoshoot

Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star Kim Kardashian has been going through a controversy-filled patch. The reality TV star found herself in some hot water yet again after wearing the Om symbol, a pious symbol in Hinduism, as an earring. 

A prominent fashion icon globally, Kim’s outfits and looks are always a talking point. However, netizens expressed their dismay at her latest photoshoot in the comments section, accusing her of 'cultural appropriation.' This goes hand in hand with the lawsuit she faces by her ex-employees accusing her of violating California Labour Laws.

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Om is a sacred sound of a spiritual symbol, and is chanted in many hymns, prayers, and otherwise as a pious syllable majorly in the Hindu culture. In the pictures she uploaded on her Twitter, Kim could be seen wearing a sheer and corseted red dress, a floral pink and red jacket with light blue faux fur lining, and the Om symbol in hoop earrings.

Twitter was not happy. Many users tried to explain how this was cultural appropriation while others expressed anger. 







This, however, is not the first time that Kim has been accused of cultural appropriation. She has been accused of Indian cultural appropriation multiple times, the most recent being in April 2020, when she had received flak for wearing a maang tikka and other traditional Indian jewellery with a crop and a bodycon skirt. Another person to be accused of Hindu cultural appropriation last year was singer Rihanna for wearing Lord Ganesha Hindu god, as a pendant on a necklace. 

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