“We’d video call 24*7, motivate each other & of course banter! ” - Digital creator Siddharth Batra talks about his relationship with fashion blogger Komal Pandey


With the rise of social media in recent years, people have been able to explore and express their interests in various fields, including fashion. Siddharth Batra is a men’s fashion icon and digital creator who has amassed a huge audience on Instagram with his alternate style, pushing the gender normative boundaries of fashion for even the regular people. As a successful fashion blogger out there, it was no surprise to see him gel so well and start dating one of the biggest fashion icons of India, Komal Pandey.

In an interview with Humans of Bombay, Siddharth opened up about his relationship. Recalling the first time he saw her, he said, “During my first week in Gurgaon in 2018, I met Komal for the first time; Dolly had invited me for drinks. I remember noticing a girl at the bar–with pink highlights & big earrings; she was the most beautiful girl I’d seen. But when she started walking towards me, I got conscious–turns out, she was Dolly’s friend!”


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Talking about their mutual love for fashion and how that connected them, he said, “We spoke a lot, mostly about fashion. She showed me her page & we followed each other. That night, I called my best friend & said, ‘Today I saw the most beautiful girl!’ I couldn’t get her off my mind…This went on for a few years. Then one day, when I’d DM’d her, appreciating her work, our conversation flowed naturally. We lived only 15 minutes apart, so we met. For the first time it was just the two of us chilling, but it felt comfortable–we spoke about our goals & watched FRIENDS.”

Talking about Komal’s place in his life, he added, “But for me, she’s my dal chawal, my comfort zone. She’s the one I go to when I’m happy or sick; especially when I’m sick because she makes the best curd rice! But what I like the most about us is how we take an effort to celebrate moments–be it winning an award or just spending quality time together, we’re always bringing each other flowers. And I live for her to say the 3 magical words… ‘Tum chup karo!’ makes my day, every time!”


Their Instagram profiles’ are filled with cute posts with and about each other along with loads of PDA. Hello? Couple goals alert? We truly wish these two the best!

(Source - Instagram)