After bidding goodbye to social media, Bottega Veneta launches its quarterly digital journal ‘Issue’


After disappearing from the face of social media platforms altogether, Italian luxury house has launched its quarterly digital journal ‘Issue.’ For the unversed, BV pulled a 360 degree and scrubbed off its social media presence after launching its digital Spring-Summer 21 collection. Now, it seems the fashion house is all set to replace the missing feeds with its newly online magazine.

But hey, here’s the catch. BV’s Issue features fashion photography, music and video, but no text. The first issue, released on Tuesday, featured rapper Missy Elliott, Storror squad, and designer Barbara Hulanicki. Check out some of the pictorials here.

(Image Source: Bottega Veneta)

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(Image Source: Bottega Veneta)

(Image Source: Bottega Veneta)

Having cut ties with social media, Bottega Veneta will have to heavily rely on its client base, influencers and loyal fans to spread the word like wildfire. Can’t wait to see how this one turns out!

(Source- BOF, Fashionista, Bottega Veneta)