It changed everything with my skin: Ashley Tisdale shares the secret of her flawless skin


Actress Ashley Tisdale has shared her secret for flawless skin. She revealed the secret on Instagram that she has cut off dairy products in her life since five years ago and it helped her a lot to get clearer skin, reports

"I've been dairy-free for 5 years," Ashley wrote along with a video of her showing off her clear skin.


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She then explained that ever since she stopped consuming dairy products, her skin has become better. "And I swear it changed everything with my skin," she said.

She said that giving up dairy is hard to do, but if someone keeps doing it, he/she will get used to it. "I know it's hard to give up something but when you do after a while you barely crave it," she said, adding that she feels even healthier after she becomes a dairy-free person.

Tisdale used to have a struggle with breakouts in the past. But after she did her routine, she gets the results of what she always wanted, which is less breakout. "I barely break out. Skin never looked so good."