Nike introduces its first-ever modest swimwear collection and it includes a Hijab!


Muslim women and their athleisure needs have been ignored for the longest time. While the idea of 'burkinis' and modest swimwear came to many, not a lot of labels actually did something about it. 

Breaking monotony yet again, Nike takes the plunge into modest swimwear with their new collection and it includes a Hijab! 



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Nike was inspired to launch The Victory Collection after recognizing the lack of performance gear options for watersport athletes 'who don’t want to choose between modesty and movement with comfort and confidence.'



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The brand says the collection was inspired by swimmers who found the current options, which don’t provide full coverage, were a “barrier” to enjoying the sport.



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"Most of the girls I meet are reluctant to swim or scuba dive because of their modesty preferences and they find it difficult finding the right modest solution," Nouf Alosaimi, Saudi Arabia's first technical diver told Nike. "I believe this suit will cater to many women who wish to perform water sports without any reservations, as it truly serves the purpose of modesty with a loose fit. Now I can invite more girls into diving and swimming and they can enjoy the sport without concerns."



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The collection will officially launch on February 1 online at and at select retailers globally.


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