Applying colours on your face doesn’t make anyone less of a man, says Aditya Roy Kapur as he turns the face of MensXP digital cover


Aditya Roy Kapur is all set to take charge over the digital cover of MensXP for the month. The Kalank actor, on the cover, touched upon the idea of male beauty and shattered pre-existing norms that 'straight' men can't be users of makeup and any sort of beauty products. Aditya, in the interview with the magazine, said that India is now ready to accept that men can also use makeup whenever and wherever they desire too as the country is living up to its democratic stature. He further said that the growth of trends in male beauty is treading slowly as compared to clothing

"I think India is ready for it, absolutely. Wear make-up if you want to. Wear whatever you want to. It's a free country, and paying heed to uncalled for judgments and opinions will only hinder your personal growth, sense of fulfillment, and most importantly, happiness," Aditya told the magazine as he agreed that the growth of trends in male beauty is treading slowly as compared to clothing.

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Aditya further questioned the need to create a fuss over men using a few colours in the form of makeup on their face. Citing the example of Johnny Depp who applies kohl to his eyes, Aditya told he fails to understand that how can a mere application of makeup make anyone less of a man as for him 'makeup is just a makeup' and nothing related to femininity and masculinity.

"Really, what's the big deal? What is this never-ending debate on whether make-up is masculine or feminine? I think make-up is just make-up. It's something you put on your face to appear a certain way, like in my case, whatever the script demands. Whether I put on an eyeshadow or a kajal or whatever, it doesn't define whether I'm masculine or feminine. At least no one thinks so when Johnny Depp does it. I fail to understand how putting on make-up makes anyone less of a man," the actor said.

Reminiscing the days when he tried out makeup for the first time, Aditya informed that he was just 15 years old when he did so for Channel V. Telling that makeup is a must before facing the camera, he chuckled that despite being used to it, he can't apply cosmetics by himself. 

"I got make-up done for the first time when I had to be in front of the camera for the first time, and that was about 15 years ago. Everyone needs to get make-up done before going in front of the camera, it's no biggie. But despite being so familiar with make-up, I'm hopeless at it. I can't put on my own make-up to save my life, and that's embarrassing. But I shall learn to put my own make-up, at least the basic stuff like foundation and concealer, if not the advanced stuff like contouring, etc., post this shoot," Aditya vowed.

(Source: MensXP)