After Zama Organics, Mira Rajput Kapoor turns investor for ‘Wellbeing Nutrition’


Wellbeing Nutrition, India's first-ever one-stop shop for all things organic and whole foods multivitamin nutrition, has announced Mira Kapoor as an investor in the brand. Started in 2019 by Avnish Chhabria, Wellbeing Nutrition is an innovative research-driven leader in plant-based wholefood nutrition, headquartered in Mumbai.  Backed by research in the USA carried out by a team of doctors, scientists and nutritionists, the brand has created multiple technology innovations in nutrition like Melts Oral Thin Strips, Multi-Layered Effervescent tablets and their latest Launch Slow 2-1 (Omega + Multivitamins) embodying an 8-hour delayed-release capsule technology.

The company works with over 150+ organic farms and clinically approved suppliers globally to source the cleanest plant-based ingredients. The brand currently sells across 2000+ stores in India and over 5000+ stores across the world in USA / UK / UAE and Germany. Recently the brand also partnered with Disney to launch an all organic and natural line of multivitamins and omega for kids that was developed by pediatricians and doctors in the US.

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Speaking about the brand, Mira said in a statement, “Melts are the worlds first 100% plant-based and sugar-free oral vitamin & supplement strips. They integrate seamlessly into ones lifestyle and make healthy living a habit”. She further added that the oral thin strips are delicious, fuss-free and backed by science. “Created using Nanotechnology the Melts are 95% more Bioactive and Bioavailable compared to all other tablets/capsules/gummies in the market making it the smarter choice. There’s no going back to a conventional supplement now that nutrition is backed by science and flavour in one single strip. I started out as a Wellbeing customer and am delighted to transition into an investor.”

Avnish Chhabria, founder of Wellbeing Nutrition said, “As conscientious thinkers, we understand that the wellbeing of people and nature are interconnected.  Only in nature can we find the right balance of energy, nutrients and wellbeing. Wellbeing is all about harnessing its power by identifying the most potent natural ingredients based on scientific evidence and creating sustainable ways to get nutrition in its purest, most delicious form. As a regular consumer of Wellbeing Nutrition, Mira Kapoor believes in holistic beauty from the inside out, and the importance of consuming organic and natural products. This is where we saw a perfect synergy and opportunity in having Mira on board as a Wellbeing investor.”