“Bold is a girl who speaks her mind”: Nia Sharma opens up on doing Vikram Bhatt’s web series Twisted 2


Nia Sharma was just 21 when she played one of the leads in the serial – Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai. Her character of Manvi was widely appreciated by the masses and within no time she became one of the popular actresses in the television industry. However, knowing the fact that daily soap gives good returns in terms of fame and money; Nia still doesn’t see herself doing daily soap anymore. The actress will soon be seen playing a bold and a bindaas character in Vikram Bhatt’s web series – Twisted season 2.

Recently, in an interview, she spoke about her journey from doing a daily soap to web series, her definition of boldness and many more. Read on for all the revelations.

Firstly, how excited are you to see yourself again in Twisted?

See, I have invested all my energy on this one project and because it was a short one; I don’t feel tired and feel like taking a break. Also, I got to experiment a lot in terms of everything; I was given a space to work freely and perform the way I want. It was really a better place to work in.

Apparently, post-Jamai Raja, you did not want to take up any project. What made you do Twisted?

Twisted 1 came very abruptly to me; at that time, I was not expecting anyone offering a web series to me. I did not know how web series actually perform; I took it because it was a small project. And after taking it up; the kind of response I received was so overwhelming. At parties, people would come to me and say that they have watched my show and liked my work in it. It was a very pleasant change in my life. So, with that came Twisted 2. This time, I have done it with more confidence. So, I am happy than ever (smiles). Honestly, I choose a lot. I don’t take up any project very easily. So, when Twisted came to me, I realized that it doesn’t need much time of mine. It was not running for years; it really worked for me.

What’s your take on the web series audience?

I love the fact that youth audiences are attracted toward the web series. Today’s youth is all about exploring things on the internet. And because there are no sensors on web platform; people are free to watch anything. The kind of role I am doing in Twisted; I would never get a chance to do it on a daily soap. The audience is totally different there.

Are you still open to TV?

As long as the content is good, they pay me well; I am always open to any kind of work. I just don’t want to stand and do nothing. I want to perform now; looking for a performance-oriented role.

How comfortable are you in doing a bold scene in front of the camera?

For me, bold is a girl who speaks her mind; who doesn’t shy away from speaking her opinion. She should stand for herself. I have played a small town girl; I can play a bold girl too. I am an actor; this is what my profession demands.

Also, there are lots of reports suggesting that you are doing Vikram Bhatt’s movie…

I was shocked to read such reports because this development never happened. Nobody clarified with me before writing such news. If such a thing happens, I will be the first one to announce it. Before that, you can just speculate about such things.

Lastly, any plans to venture into Bollywood?

I would love to do a movie; who doesn’t want to? But it’s too early to talk about it.