Don't try to recreate Game of Thrones: Peter Dinklage's words of wisdom for the makers of 'House of the Dragon'

Actor Peter Dinklage, who played the part of 'Tyrion Lannister' in the hit TV series Game of Thrones, has warned HBO about the potential pitfalls facing the makers of House of the Dragon, the upcoming prequel show. The 52-year-old actor explained: "I think the trick is not to try to recreate 'Thrones'. If you try to recreate it, that feels like a money grab. With a lot of sequels, the reason for them is that the first one made a lot of money, which is why they aren't as strong.

He added, "But I am excited to watch the 'House of the Dragon', purely as a viewer, not knowing what will happen next."

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Game of Thrones came to an end in 2019 and although some viewers were disappointed by the finale, the actor suggested that their frustration was over the top, reported He told The Independent, "People were just mad because nobody wanted it to be over. I know a lot of people were supposedly surprised by the ending, but if you paid attention, the clues were there."

In December, Dinklage called on Game of Thrones fans to "move on" from the show's finale. The actor urged viewers to rethink their criticisms of the much-maligned final season.

He said: "They wanted the pretty white people to ride off into the sunset together. By the way, it's fiction. There's dragons in it. Move on." He also likened the show's conclusion to a break-up. He explained, "I think the reason there was some backlash about the ending is because they were angry at us for breaking up with them. "We were going off the air and they didn't know what to do with their Sunday nights anymore. They wanted more, so they backlashed about that. We had to end when we did, because what the show was really good at was breaking preconceived notions: Villains became heroes, and heroes became villains.

"It was the right time. No less, no more. You don't want to wear out your welcome, although I'm not sure that show could have."