Game of Thrones Recap: From the adventures in Qarth to the War of Blackwater Bay, here are all the takeaways from Season 2


Game of Thrones is back and we’re excited…ovbs! While we await the much-anticipated season 8, we deffo need a rewind on the little details and major events that made a difference.

Ned’s death, the birth of the dragons and Brandon’s great fall were some of our takeaways from season 1. Well, let’s see what season 2 has in store for us!

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The Kings across the Seven Kingdoms

Joffrey Baratheon sits on the Iron Throne. Robert’s younger brothers, Stannis Baratheon and Renly Baratheon, claim their right to the throne, pledging against each other in the stead, and prepare to defeat the Lannisters in the south with their respective armies.

Robb sends Theon back to his land, the Iron Islands to seek his father, Balon Greyjoy’s help to defeat the south while Catelyn goes to seek Renly’s alliance.

Daenerys Targaryen, the Khaleesi across the narrow sea and the mother of dragons struggles to survive as they continue seeking help and alliance with their neighboring villages.

Jon Snow’s endurances in the North

Jon Snow and the Crows go to Craster for shelter on their way to the farther north in search of his uncle Benjen. Jon becomes aware of Craster’s doings with his wives, many of which are his own daughters.

On spying, Jon notices that newborn girls are given life while the newborn boys are sacrificed to the White Walkers. But Jon is caught in the act by Craster himself. Craster then, demands the crows to leave after which they proceed to go to the Fist of First Men.

Daenerys and the city of Qarth

Daenerys arrives to the prestigious city of Qarth with her Dothraki followers. Daxos, a member of the Council of 13, convinces the others to let her caravan enter the city. Other than Daxos, the members of council show no interest in helping Daenerys, but show a lot of interest in her dragons, which makes her suspicious.

One fine day, her dragons are stolen and Dany seeks the help of the council to find them back, but to no avail. Daxos and Pree, the magician from the House of Undying, together kill the other council members when they refuse to help the Khaleesi.

Conquests in the North

Robb marches to Westerlands, a land ruled by the Lannisters and wins, capturing Jamie in the course. Joffrey hears of this and tortures Sansa publicly for her brother’s doings. At this, Tyrion intervenes and insults him for the same. 

Catelyn meets Renly, his wife Margaery Tyrell and his personal knight-guard, Brienne of Tarth at his camp. Lord Peter Baelish arrives to make a deal with Renly, while he also convinces Catelyn to free Jamie from captivity in return for Arya and Sansa.

Stannis arrives at Renly’s camp to ask him to drop his fight for the throne and is disappointed as his younger brother disagrees. Meanwhile, Sir Davos, Stannis’ counselor, takes lady Mellisandre, the red witch, to the caves where she gives birth to a creature of shadows.

Theon gets insulted by his father and marches back to Winterfell to gain control over the castel in Robb’s absence, betraying him in the stead, to prove a point to his father and sister, Yara Geyjoy. He captures Brandon and Rickon,  puts them to prison and announces his victory.

The shift

The Lannister army attacks the recruits for the night watch, Arya and Gendry’s alibi. They kill some men while Arya manages to let three caged prisoners escape. Arya claims that one of the dead boys was Gendry. They were then taken to Harrenhal, where Jaqen H’Ghar, one of the three caged prisoners, promises to kill three people for Arya in order to repay his debt.

Meanwhile, Tywin arrives at Harrenhal and makes Arya, then known as Arri, his servant, without the knowledge of her true identity.

Tyrion becomes aware of the substance that could cause the wildfire, which was to be used against Stannis’ battalion and ceases power over the scheme without Cersei’s knowledge. On the flip side of King’s Landing, Myrcella is shipped away to Dorne, Joffrey loses control and ignites
a riot, Sansa almost gets raped and Tyrion tries to keep everything in control.

Jon Snow captures Ygritte, a wildling on their way beyond the wall. She later seduces him and traps him with the help of her fellow wildlings, where he meets their leader, Mance Rayder. 

Brandon and Rickon escape with the help of the wildling Osha, who was their prisoner and Hodor, a dimwit servant. Theon burns two children and hangs their bodies, claiming they were Brandon and Rickon. On hearing about this, Robb demands to capture Theon and bring him alive.

Renly's Death

Renly, Catelyn and Brienne were in one room when suddenly, the creature of shadows appears and murders Renly, for which Brienne is accused. Renly’s fleet joins hands with Stannis and they march south for their fight against the Lannisters. 

Brienne pledges herself to Catelyn and returns with her to Robb’s camp while Lord Baelish, under Tywin’s watch, goes to meet the Tyrells to seek their assistance against Stannis.

The war of Blackwater Bay

Stannis attacks Kings Landing. An afraid Joffrey flees back to the castle, leaving Tyrion in lead. Baratheons enter the castle but Tyrion and the goldcloaks defeat and contain them.

Cersei, out of pure motherly instinct, takes little Tommen to the throne room, where she intends to poison and murder him to save him from the horrors. But Tywin and the Tyrells save the day by defeating Stannis’ fleet together. Tywin later arrives in the throne room and Cersei throws the poison away.

The aftermath

On winning the war, Joffrey sets aside Sansa to marry Margaery from House of Tyrell. Tyrion and Bronn are applauded for their bravery on the battlefield but relieved of the authorities bestowed on them.

Robb falls in love with Talisa, a  healer from his camp and wants to marry her. Catelyn tries to dissuade and advice him against it, but fails. On the other hand, she frees Jaime and sends him away to King’s Landing with Brienne without Robb’s knowledge.

Daenerys enters the house of undying, where she sees visions. She successfully retrieves her dragons, who kill Pree in the course. She then seals Daxos inside his own vault and claims his wealth for herself.

As for the Starks, Arya, having escaped Harrenhal with Hot Pie and Gendry, receives the gift of a valuable coin from H'ghar, who magically changes his face. Brandon and Rickon prepare to go to the Wall.

North of the Wall, Snow kills a crow, one of his own, to prove his loyalty to the Wildlings. The last scene shows an army of White Walkers approaching the Fist of the First Men.




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