Curating luxe interiors to redefining pregnancy style, what makes birthday star Sonam Kapoor Ahuja ‘Jack of all trades’


Style maven with a taste for all things luxe and now one of B-town’s sexiest mum-to-be, that’s birthday icon Sonam Kapoor Ahuja for you! The diva began her acting journey with Saawariya (2007) and carved a niche for herself in showbiz, thanks to her body of work and of course, her spectacular sartorial sensibilities.

When it’s about dressing to the nines or making STUNNING red carpet appearances, trust Sonam to rise to the occasion, always. But that’s just a leaf out of this diva’s extraordinaire style bible. Apart from clothes and fashion, Sonam has a keen eye for all things luxe and it shows. From dropping sartorial bombs to styling her home and swearing by a sustainable lifestyle, the stunner has mastered the art of life. It’s Sonam’s world and we are living in it!

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So, as the style maven takes another trip around the sun and turns 37, here are all the domains the diva has conquered, apart from fashion, one step at a time!


Quirky, fearless, audacious, and out-of-the-box, the birthday girl’s flamboyant fashion sense is many things but subtlety isn’t one of them. Thanks to her eccentric style, this diva has been one of the front runners in the fashion industry with her oh-so-chic looks.

From rocking Indian looks to experimenting with international labels, Sonam has never been the one to shy away from anything that comes in her way.


Expanding her horizon in the non-showbiz arena, the actress has become one of the early investors in a new blockchain-based fighting game called MechaFightClub (MFC), launched by Irreverent Labs.


Fashion runs in the veins of style maven Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and no that isn’t just restricted to the sartorial arena. The stunner has an elite taste when it comes to designing homes and her Notting Hill, London abode stands enough proof. From rich jewel tones to Victorian-era-inspired windows, stunning wood board floors to classy wallpapers, Sonam put her heart and brains into meticulously designing her dream space along.

Curated and imagined with Mumbai-based architect Rooshad Shroff and stylist Nikhil Mansata, this luxurious space is nothing short of extraordinary, just like the fashionista!


While she is certainly not the first Bollywood celebrity to embrace motherhood, Sonam is definitely the first one to come out with an unconventional, PHENOMENAL announcement. While many actress-mothers in the tinsel town have resorted to quintessential maternity shoots in flowy gowns, Sonam is setting an all-together different tone with her intimate, voguish and downright fashionable announcement that reflects everything that she is.

And oh boy, let’s not forget all the sartorial bombs dropped by this diva highlighting her growing bump in full glory!


No matter the occasion, SKA is never seen without a BOMB glam. Right from your dewy, radiant glow to subtle and understated looks, Sonam knows her way around them all. In spite of having the best makeup team that helps her put up some flawless looks effortlessly, this diva has time and again served us some tutorials for self-glam, thus crossing out another box on her multi-talented list.

Not just this, the diva also puts her well-versed knowledge about a basic skincare routine and makeup hacks to good use by sharing her beauty rituals, favourite products, and all things glam in her beauty series ‘Vanity Vignettes.’


Happy Birthday to the ‘Jack of all Trades.’ May you continue conquering the world, one domain at a time!

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