Fashion Gurukool: Mira Rajput Kapoor to Ankush Bahuguna, beauty mavens that school us on skincare and BOMB glam transformation

Hola, fashionstas. Welcome back to PeepingMoon’s newly curated segment Fashion Gurukool that rounds up the best style lessons and hacks from our beloved fashion influencers to enlighten us curious fashion enthusiasts.

This week, we bring you the influencers who are elbow-deep into the skincare regime as well as the ones who can curate a BOMB look with their exceptional skills. Ready? Let’s begin.


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No beauty list can begin without mentioning wellness aficionado Mira Kapoor. Recently, this stunner has been blessing our feeds with all sorts of skin and haircare videos, DIY hacks and homegrown product recommendations. Here’s Mira showing us how to achieve a flawless glow just as her with DIY packs and potions available inside your very own kitchen!


Cuz who says makeup isn’t for men, right Ankush?! On his dedicated makeup Instagram page, ‘Wing it with Ankush’, this hottie showed us how to conceal our under-eye bags with detailed steps. Ladies and gentlemen, take notes.


A body-positive advocate, Sameera has always tried to lift up spirits with her imperfectly perfect posts. Recently our ‘Messy Mama’ showed us a non-elaborate yet effective transformation that made us go WOW. A no-makeup makeup look for your first date? Sameera is your go-to girl!



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Supar Woman a.k.a Supriya Joshi knows her BOMB makeup game at the back of her hand. With the wedding season just around the corner, this stunner dropped a wedding guest makeup edit that ticks all the right boxes. Check it out:


One may finally figure out that what comes first- chicken or egg, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out whether the serum comes first or toner. Thanks to Roshni and her ‘correct order of using skincare products,’ we may now get better results from our existing skincare regimen.


Though this stunner hails from B-town’s showbiz, Kirti has time and again come to our rescue with her special beauty segment, ‘I recommend.’ From skincare to haircare and wellness, she has reviewed them all. If these chilly winters have sucked the glow out of your skin, here’s our stunner recommending a hydrating cream.

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