Famous, but do you know them? Marc Jacobs to Miuccia Prada, we bet you won't recognize half of these renowned designers


The world of fashion is ruled by some household names that are globally acclaimed because of their splendid legacies. From couture to runway fashion, these labels and designers have spun dreams into realities with their unique and zesty appeal for a sartorial ensemble, and as fashion enthusiasts, we can identify their aesthetics from a mile afar without a shred of doubt! 

But a lot of them have often maintained their distance from the limelight, making them the chameleons of the industry, quiet and away from the shutterbugs. And that got us thinking, imagine if you were to bump into any of these sartorial maestros on a mundane day... how many of them would you actually recognize? 

Here are 10 fashion household designers that might slip you eye in the crowds:

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Marc Jacobs



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Calvin Klein

Miuccia Prada

Jimmy Choo

Elie Saab


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Christian Louboutin 



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Giambattista Valli


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Tommy Hilfiger



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Michael Kors



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Thierry Mugler


Well, how many did you agnize?


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