Birthday Special: Spice to plush, here's a look back on birthday girl Victoria Beckham's cheeky-to-chic style evolution over the decades


Be it fashion or pop culture, Victoria Beckham has influenced our style and fashion choices greatly over the years. Be it her flashy-Spice-Girls-days or her plus-posh outfit choices, the stunner has never ceased to leave us breathless with her utterly chic outfits. 

From the leggy bodycon dresses to her present-day minimalist and subtle sophistication, here's how the birthday girl Victoria's style mantra changed over the years:

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Remember when kohl-eyes and tinted gloss were the 'IT' thing? When mini dresses and leggy outfits were all we obsessed over? Well, thanks to Victoria, this trend really made the cut! 

Her budding romance with David Beckham saw the light of the day, making for the OG couple goals given their coordinating outfits and equally edgy style. P.S- their love for black is pretty evident, innit? 

Debuting long hair, dressing in loud and flashy colors and experimenting sartorially to find her voice of fashion, this was sort of a rough patch in her diary. Wouldn't you agree?

After the rocky road, Victoria tried her hand at minimalist fashion, giving it a thumbs up and voila! The birth of a fashionista, we reckon? 

Trying to merge her previous taste with her current preferences, Victoria was seen fusing the best of both worlds during the 2010s. Here is where the diva truly recognized her love for posh, minimalistic fashion and oh boy, aren't we all grateful? 

Bringing in the big guns, the stunner is one of the most stylish people in the industry. Influencing trends with her style-files and label's collections alike, Victoria sure knows how to change the sartorial winds. And truly so, her fashion choices are what dreams are made of and needless to say, we want it all! 

From a flashy pop star to this posh fashion maven,  Victoria has always, in all her essence, been true to her voice and style. Here's wishing this gorgeous diva a very Happy Birthday! 

(Source: Twitter)