Blast from the past: Wolverine Nails to Bappi Lehri-inspired costumes; bizarre fashion trends from '90s that can be used as Halloween inspiration!


'90s trend is making quite a comeback in certain ways and we are ecstatic about it. Be it flared denim, popping neons or those vintage sunnies, these good’ol fashion trends crawled their way from the past and are slaying the fashion charts at the moment. As much as we are excited about vintage fashion, there are certain trends that we hope will never make a comeback!

Sure, the '90s was one of the most ‘unforgettable eras’ in terms of films and fashion. When we look back at it, we wonder what made us feel so fascinated about the sudden plot twists, unrealistic action, and outrageously bizarre fashion trends!

Wonder what makes us say so? Well, take a look at these wackiest trends from our ‘blast from the past’ segment that will make you question, ‘What were they thinking?’

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Hugh Jackman who? Divas Urmila Matondkar and late Sridevi flaunted them (WHY) before it was cool (It. Is. Not. Cool). Ladies, you didn’t have to be so obvious to convey the description of your movie characters!


Hairdos…more like hair woes! No like seriously, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

Corn braids, larger-than-life puffs, overwhelming headgears, oh boy Raveena Tandon, Kajol, and Karisma Kapoor were living all the fashion nightmares for sure.

Then here was Rekha, who just kept 'acing' her whackiest headgear game...


Before Lolo became THE fashion icon of the 90s, she had to hit a rough fashion patch. Testimony to this fact stands this overly accessorized red dress. Head to toe blings, gloves and gold colours, a tad bit (read, a lot) OTT, don’t you think? Oh, so nice of Amrita Singh to join her!

Not just Karisma, beauts like Rekha, Sri, Madhuri Dixit Nene made us cringe with their costumes!

Whenever someone will say ‘vegan fashion’, it will be hard to take off Madhuri's image from our minds…


Thank god we are over the gorapaan nikhar finally and got rid of the cakey makeup and bronze lips as seen on Bhagyashree, Rambha and the late Divya Bharti.

We get that your characters were beautiful ladies, no need to go out of the way and throw that in our faces!

Naah, subtlety wasn’t really the old school Bollywood’s forte! Kya X 3 intensifies…

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