Holi Special: Skin and hair woes raining on your colorful spirit? Here are some pre-and-post Holi hacks that you need to know


Holi hai! How can one possibly not be excited for this festival of colors and merriment?

While we are ready for another year of this frizzle-and-fun, skin and hair woes do worry us. The colors and pollution might cause a blow to the health of our mane and may also lead to breakouts.

Don’t you worry, we have 5 hacks that will help you enjoy this festival, without having to compromise on your skincare or the fun of the festivities. Read on:

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Oil your hair

Coconut or Almond oil can provide your hair with the necessary nourishment they need and prevent dryness or frizziness. They can also provide the needed layer of protection to your hair, preventing the colors from damaging your scalp directly. 

Moisturizer and sunblock

We cannot stress the utter importance of moisturizers and sunblock in a skincare routine, and Holi isn't an exception to this rule! As our skin could be subjected to a lot of pollution and dry/wet colors, even if organic, moisturizers and sunblock are essential to keep them protected. They will also ensure that the skin does dry out because of the excessive colors while keeping it hydrated and protected. 

Tied it up

Who doesn't love their mane and the sheer joy to flaunt it? But on Holi, we do take the high-road and keep them neatly tucked. This way, you subject your luscious mane to lesser damage, preserving the health and quality of the mane. 

Argan and essential oils

Just like your hair, your skin also needs some nourishment. Argan and essential oils or products that use them as ingredients are best suited to meet that requirement. They hydrate the skin without being too heavy on your pores and we don't think we could find a better alternative! What are your thoughts? 

DIY masks for recovery

Home remedies and DIY masks work best when it comes to recovery. The basic and all-organic ingredients make the masks more powerful and effective, then be it a hair mask or a face pack. Here are some combinations you can try: 


1. Coconut Oil + Shea Butter + Olive Oil

2. Sugar + Honey + Coconut Oil + Almond Oil

3. Coconut Milk + Olive Oil + Honey + Ripe Avocado (optional) 


1. Yogurt + Honey + pinch of Tumeric Powder 

2. Cacao Powder + 1/4 Papaya + 2 tsp Aloe vera gel

3. Honey + pinch of Tumeric Powder + 1/2 tsp Dead Sea Salt 


So, are you Holi ready yet?