Masaba just dropped her Summer Collection ‘Tiger Lily’ and we cannot stop fangirling


Masaba Gupta’s Summer 2018 collection is called the ‘Tiger Lily’ and it’s all the summer inspo we need this year. With a mix of bold prints, flowy fabrics and trendy designs, we are definitely hooked to the style notes this label is feeding us with. The collection is said to be an expression for a quintessential summer day. Masaba’s idea behind ‘Tiger Lily’ was to create something that every contemporary woman of today relates to. This ready-to-wear-fashion is perfect for anyone who’s on the move, well-traveled and thrives on instant fashion.

The line, which was launched on Instagram, features a majority of breezy fabrics like crushed cotton, linen-mul and chanderi. Minimalists as well as print lovers will find something catering to their taste. With designs made for summer, the collection broadly focuses on billowy sleeved tops, wrap tunics, floaty shirts, maxi dresses, geometric printed kaftans and tunics. The widespread pallete ranges from subdued olives and beiges to earthy hues to highlighted reds and pinks.

Experimenting has always been Masaba’s forte` and she does a spot on job with her current collection. It features the simplest of garments like sarees, kurtis, onsies, etc. with a bold yet muted, vibrant yet elegant, trendy yet comfortable twist that makes it so apt for the target audience they’re catering to. The selection of the featured models was also a carefully curated procedure. Masaba made sure that the featured faces belong to varied castes, color, age groups, etc. so as to make it easier for anyone and everyone to relate to the diversity.

Let’s get a better insight on her current collection:

Tiger Lily: This print represents an unconventional, literal expression of the Tiger Lily flower. There’s a delicate freshness to it. It contemporaries Bengali Renaissance and  feminine/fierce direction.

Bird’s Eye: Taking insight from Leonara Speyer’s poem, The Shallows, this print symbolizes the women that were an inspiration behind the Ready to Wear Collection. Speyer’s poem uses birds as a metaphor for aiming to reach new heights, similar to the modern-age woman who is progressing, as we speak, each day.

The featured look is inspired by Masaba's close friend Rhea Kapoor, who is known for being a minimalist. The label took some inspiration from Rhea's style and didn't shy away from giving her credit for the same.

Nile Croc:  This print was inspired by the earthy backdrop and color palette of the Nile & the quirky nature of Carroll’s poetry. The Nile Croc displaces a duplicitous predator with vibrant colors to add a kitsch element to our Tiger Lily collection.

Masaba, herself, donned a saree featuring this print for a cover shoot recently.

Along with these quirky designs, Masaba has launched the ‘Can’t’ series which blends with her current collection. Moreover, the infamous 'Holy Cow' from her previous collections makes a comeback. It comprises of slogan T-shirts and caps that symbolize the message ‘You can’t tell us what to wear’.

Masaba does it yet again, giving out a liberal thought for the audience to embrace.

We all just have to agree that this has been a treat to our fashion senses. Masaba has blessed us with our quota for the season.

All Hail Queen Masaba!